Thursday, April 28, 2011


I was in 7th std..

That day was in the month of July.. I remember that because just few days before the day was my Birthday and I had left my long hair open, (Birthdays are the only days on which we had a freedom to wear any dress and have any hair style of our choice in school).. I had got a bunch of complements for my long hair.. I had hairs till my knees.

But, I never understood why people think long hairs are a gift.. Every day morning was a new drama at home when mom used to tie my hair, removing the knots in the hair was a hurdle for my mother and ail to me… It took long time to clean my hair and dry them on every Sunday. In my karate classes my opponents used to grab my hair to fight me off in ‘sparring’(the fights in karate). Oh! I hated that..  If you deal with kids, or crowds, you might want to avoid long hair which can be used against you. Every time in the Giant wheel ride I feared that my hair would get struck and I would become bald or would even die.. Tho I loved the Giant wheel ride, opted for it very rarely..

 Oh! So many thing to face in that small age.. God! I hated my hair from the core of my heart.

Both my father and mother knew my pain and always wanted me to have a haircut..  But my grandmother (dads mom) was my villain in those days.. She loved my hair and was against me in the war of my haircut.. So my dad and mom were helpless in the war..

Ek idea badal de zindage :) So true.. It was my mother’s sister who was my angel here.. She told me to take a seizer and cut my hair myself.. What would happen max?? My parents would scold me?? Beat me?? What more?? Then they would get back to normal.. But look at the positive side in it?? I would come out of the biggest suffering of my life…

It took two days to prepare myself for the win in my war.. Grandmother was in home town, dad was on office tour..  It was only me bro and mom at home.. It was perfect time.. I decided the next morning would be the idol time for me to implement my plan..

That day I was getting ready for school..  Auto had came to pick me.. We were supposed to tie two plates with red ribbon to school.. My mom had finished tying one plate; I kept seizers next to me before mom started tying my hair… When she was half done, I took the seizers next to me and cut my hair to my shoulders in one cut…  

My mom dint understood anything, she just looked at me blank for sometime.. The auto was horning, it was time to school.. My brother was staring at me..
I had completed my mission successfully…:)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

A small boy in Mysore Exhibition....


B_ _ _ _ _ _ Deepa [no comments abt d blank] my school mate, my class mate, my section mate, my bench mate, my teacher,my guide, my philosopher, my adviser, n n n my best of best friend... :)

I 1st met dis gl ,19yrs ago in a watchman room of DFRL, when v both 6yr old kids ver waiting 4r interview [c r interview started at d age of 6 ;)] 4 a seat in KV Mysore..
Both of us still remember tat day, ven she was in a skirt n t-shirt n me in my ckc uniform, accompanied by r mothers.. both looking at each i ont say more ;)

Of course v had 2get selected n become class meats.. :p

I really miss al d fun of school days wit her.. R last bench masti's [since 1st std v r last benchers], no reason long long laughter [v used 2fal on ground n laugh til tears come out of r eyes n tat to 4 no reason], r dealings n pangals wit ppl.. I really miss every every every single moment spent with her...

V both were d naughtiest gals of 'B'-section n d most popular gals in school. :)

Both of us used to get scolding everyday by r parents coz v used 2 mak holes (using compass n divider) in r water bottle caps n spray water at every1 in school which was r most common tim pas in last 2 periods of school. ( this was NOT in primary, it was in r 9th n 10th! ;))

R fun is silly, standard, funny..ppl need brains n humour 2 understand ;)
Enjoyment n Deepa r directly proportional 2 each other :p

As of 2day, Deepa is a part of my life… d 1st name tat comes 2 my mind 4 d word FRIEND..
My hangout partner(al d theaters, pizza places, px n ccd's of mys r living evidence of r friendship… esp, the pizza corner near hardinge circle is r adda ;))

I wish n I know tat v’l be friends for ever n ever n ever till death do us apart… oops, no no even after death v’l meat in jannat (I know by hook or cook v’l go to heaven;))

I wishing her al d rocking fun in d world!! :)

4 ppl who no Deepa less.. here r some cautions n tips 2handel her :--

Reason:If u do so,u 'l not b alive again 2cal any name.. ;)

[If shes going off on any transfer or study or any thing].
Note:This condition is only 4 Mysore friends.
Reason:No point in send off,coz she 'l be back 2 mysore any ver she goes..
5th std she went 2 South Korea n was back in 7th.
10th end went 2 Guwahati n was back in 12th.
Now in Davangere 4BE 'l come back after dis sem.
So party or gift is a waste ;) Its not tat easy 2 get rid off her u no[c I'm trying since 15yrs ;) :D]

3:CALL HER GENIUS when ever u want any work 4m her.
Reason: She 'll be happy n ur work 'l be done better n faster.[thoda sa jhoot chaltha hai ;)]

4more details contact me :)


In the crowd of Sambhram, when I wanted a friend One! 
There entered an angel, bearing sweet smile!!
She showed me d world, which is so curl!
She was my holder, when I needed a shoulder!! :)

No thought, no clue; Y she was so true!
Every thing I told her, opened my heart! She had d warmth, tat made me so glad!!

The time ran & ran...
Together v smiled, together v cried! Hope this together end no where!!

The ship of sorrow is so strange, Every1 here laugh in pain!
I felt so weird in d new; But this is the life, later I knew!!
She was a sailor, now even I'm one! Sailing together v cry n smile!!

When I 1st saw her I felt so strange!How did she laugh in dat grt pain??
Is der no pain, or she has a cover? She is so strange!! Is she so strange??

Slowly & slowly she taught me d trick!
World is so weird,its NOT D CREW, later i knew!!
I laughed n laughed in her lane! Is dis d life 2 laugh in d pain!!

She saw my tear, Which no 1could hear! She showed me a mile, which was so clear!!
I understood slowly d truth in d mile! That, its a walk 2 the grt smile!!

Today we walk together dis mile! Laughing & playing wit a simple smile!!

She is so beautiful.. Is tat I say????

She IS, she is THE beautiful, ever I met!! An angle a dear wit a simple smile!!

She is so dear, she is so dear.. And I'm so glad, tat she is MY DEAR..


S w A t H i

1. I am an engineer who is trying to figure out what life's all about...
2. Believe in simplicity, a v v v  v  v moody person n a biggg time daydreamer.. [my dream land is always on ]
3. I speak things on face, which may not be liked by few, but trust me, I never meant dem 2 hurt any1..[but tat doesnt mean I dont keep secrets ]
4. Beware I'm v 'Possessive' abt my things, my ppl n my friends.. [hope, a boy friend add up in my list soon]..
5. Hate backbiting n backstabbing..[dum hai to aage bolo ]
6. Hate flirts tho most of my friends r 1..
7. Hate cockroach's.. d most yak things on earth..
8. I love allll my friends.. N 'cannot'  live wit out FUN..:)
9. Any true person[true at heart] with a simple smile 'l attract me.. :)
Simple funda: U like me den even I like u.. :)
10. Finally, no regrets in life.. Love every1 who ARE n who have BEEN, part of my life.. :)
conditions applied..... ;)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Is GOD Partial?? - One day....

Why Am I Writing This Here??

I  don’t know why I’m writing this..

Probably because tomorrow he will get up and see wat happened when he was sleeping.. Probably because I want to show him the world which I’m seeing while he is sleeping out there.. Probably because I want him to know the pain every 1 is facing today so that he will be care full next time..

Probable because i may find some person who has a solution to my problem.. Or coz at least one person out there learn a lesson and respect there own life's and people dear to them..

Probably because I want to tell the people how unpredictable and precious this Life is………