Saturday, April 16, 2011


B_ _ _ _ _ _ Deepa [no comments abt d blank] my school mate, my class mate, my section mate, my bench mate, my teacher,my guide, my philosopher, my adviser, n n n my best of best friend... :)

I 1st met dis gl ,19yrs ago in a watchman room of DFRL, when v both 6yr old kids ver waiting 4r interview [c r interview started at d age of 6 ;)] 4 a seat in KV Mysore..
Both of us still remember tat day, ven she was in a skirt n t-shirt n me in my ckc uniform, accompanied by r mothers.. both looking at each i ont say more ;)

Of course v had 2get selected n become class meats.. :p

I really miss al d fun of school days wit her.. R last bench masti's [since 1st std v r last benchers], no reason long long laughter [v used 2fal on ground n laugh til tears come out of r eyes n tat to 4 no reason], r dealings n pangals wit ppl.. I really miss every every every single moment spent with her...

V both were d naughtiest gals of 'B'-section n d most popular gals in school. :)

Both of us used to get scolding everyday by r parents coz v used 2 mak holes (using compass n divider) in r water bottle caps n spray water at every1 in school which was r most common tim pas in last 2 periods of school. ( this was NOT in primary, it was in r 9th n 10th! ;))

R fun is silly, standard, funny..ppl need brains n humour 2 understand ;)
Enjoyment n Deepa r directly proportional 2 each other :p

As of 2day, Deepa is a part of my life… d 1st name tat comes 2 my mind 4 d word FRIEND..
My hangout partner(al d theaters, pizza places, px n ccd's of mys r living evidence of r friendship… esp, the pizza corner near hardinge circle is r adda ;))

I wish n I know tat v’l be friends for ever n ever n ever till death do us apart… oops, no no even after death v’l meat in jannat (I know by hook or cook v’l go to heaven;))

I wishing her al d rocking fun in d world!! :)

4 ppl who no Deepa less.. here r some cautions n tips 2handel her :--

Reason:If u do so,u 'l not b alive again 2cal any name.. ;)

[If shes going off on any transfer or study or any thing].
Note:This condition is only 4 Mysore friends.
Reason:No point in send off,coz she 'l be back 2 mysore any ver she goes..
5th std she went 2 South Korea n was back in 7th.
10th end went 2 Guwahati n was back in 12th.
Now in Davangere 4BE 'l come back after dis sem.
So party or gift is a waste ;) Its not tat easy 2 get rid off her u no[c I'm trying since 15yrs ;) :D]

3:CALL HER GENIUS when ever u want any work 4m her.
Reason: She 'll be happy n ur work 'l be done better n faster.[thoda sa jhoot chaltha hai ;)]

4more details contact me :)


  1. u've got really very good friend lucky u :) :) :)