Saturday, April 16, 2011

S w A t H i

1. I am an engineer who is trying to figure out what life's all about...
2. Believe in simplicity, a v v v  v  v moody person n a biggg time daydreamer.. [my dream land is always on ]
3. I speak things on face, which may not be liked by few, but trust me, I never meant dem 2 hurt any1..[but tat doesnt mean I dont keep secrets ]
4. Beware I'm v 'Possessive' abt my things, my ppl n my friends.. [hope, a boy friend add up in my list soon]..
5. Hate backbiting n backstabbing..[dum hai to aage bolo ]
6. Hate flirts tho most of my friends r 1..
7. Hate cockroach's.. d most yak things on earth..
8. I love allll my friends.. N 'cannot'  live wit out FUN..:)
9. Any true person[true at heart] with a simple smile 'l attract me.. :)
Simple funda: U like me den even I like u.. :)
10. Finally, no regrets in life.. Love every1 who ARE n who have BEEN, part of my life.. :)
conditions applied..... ;)

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