Thursday, April 28, 2011


I was in 7th std..

That day was in the month of July.. I remember that because just few days before the day was my Birthday and I had left my long hair open, (Birthdays are the only days on which we had a freedom to wear any dress and have any hair style of our choice in school).. I had got a bunch of complements for my long hair.. I had hairs till my knees.

But, I never understood why people think long hairs are a gift.. Every day morning was a new drama at home when mom used to tie my hair, removing the knots in the hair was a hurdle for my mother and ail to me… It took long time to clean my hair and dry them on every Sunday. In my karate classes my opponents used to grab my hair to fight me off in ‘sparring’(the fights in karate). Oh! I hated that..  If you deal with kids, or crowds, you might want to avoid long hair which can be used against you. Every time in the Giant wheel ride I feared that my hair would get struck and I would become bald or would even die.. Tho I loved the Giant wheel ride, opted for it very rarely..

 Oh! So many thing to face in that small age.. God! I hated my hair from the core of my heart.

Both my father and mother knew my pain and always wanted me to have a haircut..  But my grandmother (dads mom) was my villain in those days.. She loved my hair and was against me in the war of my haircut.. So my dad and mom were helpless in the war..

Ek idea badal de zindage :) So true.. It was my mother’s sister who was my angel here.. She told me to take a seizer and cut my hair myself.. What would happen max?? My parents would scold me?? Beat me?? What more?? Then they would get back to normal.. But look at the positive side in it?? I would come out of the biggest suffering of my life…

It took two days to prepare myself for the win in my war.. Grandmother was in home town, dad was on office tour..  It was only me bro and mom at home.. It was perfect time.. I decided the next morning would be the idol time for me to implement my plan..

That day I was getting ready for school..  Auto had came to pick me.. We were supposed to tie two plates with red ribbon to school.. My mom had finished tying one plate; I kept seizers next to me before mom started tying my hair… When she was half done, I took the seizers next to me and cut my hair to my shoulders in one cut…  

My mom dint understood anything, she just looked at me blank for sometime.. The auto was horning, it was time to school.. My brother was staring at me..
I had completed my mission successfully…:)


  1. hmmmmmm so eveythin was preplanned :):)

  2. haha... i totally remember this day!! i was spell bound for a min. when i found my voice, i asked without thinking - "teri dadi mar gayi kya??" rememeber y...? cos when your grandma or ur hair bothered u too much, u used to say that the 1st thing u'l do after your dadi dies is cut your hair! haha... it does deserve a place in your blog!

  3. Thank u niveditha :)
    @Anonymous: Thank You!! It would ve been nice if u would ve posted your name :)

  4. Ha ha ha I loved it..